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The two books (free download or order from distributor)

4 Dec 2015 pdf edn Nuclear is for Life: A Cultural Revolution (10.6 Mb) , buy softback or read free online
23 Oct 2009 pdf edn Radiation and Reason (updated 2012) (8.7 Mb) or buy soft/kindle/epub edn

Articles (free download)

1 Nov 2016 Oxford Energy Colloquium Nuclear Energy and Society, Radiation and Life - the Evidence (508 Kb)
3/4 Aug 2016 Talks at BAPATEN, Jakarta Radiation Safety and Public Understanding (8.7 Mb)
6 May 2016 Nuclear Power for Humanity and the Environment (344 Kb)
21 Oct 2015 Nuclear is for Life advanced information (168 Kb)
31 Mar 2015 Tokyo Meeting 24 Mar 2015 (176 Kb)
31 Mar 2015 Paper given (1.2 Mb)
16 Dec 2014 Internal radioactivity (101 Kb)
10 Apr 2014 Cost of nuclear bubble (332 Kb)
27 Dec 2013 What a waste! (118 Kb)
22 Mar 2014 What a waste! (118 Kb)
10 April 2014 What nuclear needs today (2.7 Mb)
3 Oct 2013 What nuclear needs today (2.7 Mb)
10 Sep 2013 Nuclear energy is better than energy from fire (473 Kb)
2 July Oxford and Cambridge Dining Club of Geneva Radiation, Science and Society (83 Kb)
19 Jun 2013 IdealEnergySource7Sept2013.pdf (379 Kb)
8 May 2013 WhyFearofRadiationisWrong.pdf (1.9 Mb)
4 May 2013 EdinburghJune13A.pdf (1.7 Mb)
4 Apr 2013 Confidence & Prosperity (109 Kb)
3 Jan 2013 A new attitude to nuclear safety (97 Kb)
3 Jan 2013 A new attitude to nuclear safety (97 Kb)
9 Dec 2012 The Road to Public Confidence in Nuclear Energy (696 Kb)
16 Nov 2012 lecture (6.4 Mb)
15 Sep 2012 An appreciation of Nuclear and its safety (237 Kb)
12 Sep 2012 Appreciate nuclear and its safety (1,012 Kb)
28 July 2012 German nuclear policy (56 Kb)
14 July 2012 An article refuting the conclusion of the NAIIC Report (2.4 Mb)
7 July 2012 Invited lecture at ANS Meeting, Chicago (3.2 Mb)
20 Mar 2012 Public Trust in Nuclear Energy (194 Kb)
29 Aug 2011 Why radiation is far safer (546 Kb)

Links to other sites

International Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information (SARI) radiationeffects.org
24 May 2016 UK Parliamentary S&T Committee: click Written submission to Science in Emergencies Inquiry
4 March UK Parliamentary Welsh Affairs Committee: click Written submission to Nuclear Power Inquiry
To contact email wade.allison@physics.ox.ac.uk or Tweet @radiationreason

Online book purchase

"Radiation and Reason" (Oct 2009), as pbk from York Publishing Services (RnR) or as
e-book Radiation and Reason - Wade Allison or in Kindle click Purchase or ePub click Purchase.

To see NEW book "Nuclear is for Life" (Dec 2015), click on www.Nuclear4Life.com and purchase pbk online York Publishing Services (N4L).


3 Dec 2014 Press Conf. Time for the scientific, environmental and economic truth about nuclear power with handout at Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan (1.5 Mb)
3 Oct 2014 Radiation and Reason: A Fresh Look at the Effect of Radiation On Life audience 16/17 yrs, 58 min
18 Aug 2014 Why radiation is safe & all nations should embrace nuclear technology with slides.
Also available with Japanese subtitles and slides
4 June 2014 Interview with ICHEME: Why we should not fear radiation! 13 mins
3 Oct 2013 CERN Colloquium "Radiation and Reason; Why radiation at modest dose rates is quite harmless and current radiation safety regulations are flawed" 1hr 30mins with Q&A

In the book "Radiation and Reason"

Wade Allison explains, in simple terms and without using fancy maths, how radiation affects life. He is a Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford with 40 years of teaching experience.

His account challenges the traditional view that nuclear radiation is hard to understand and an extreme hazard. Modern scientific and medical evidence makes it obvious that this view is wrong -- but how dangerous is ionising radiation£ Thanks to evolution, biology protects life and radiation is about a thousand times safer than suggested by current international safety standards -- but readers should look at the evidence for themselves and make up their own minds.

A little nuclear radiation is quite harmless and in a world of other dangers -- social and economic instability, global warming, population growth, shortages of power, food and water -- the pursuit of the lowest possible radiation levels is in nobody's best interest. Levels should be permitted as high as is relatively safe (AHARS). Radiation, far from being a major cause of cancer, is one of its major cures through radiotherapy applied in every major hospital.

Without justification great damage has been inflicted on public health and economic life in Japan as a result of the accident at Fukushima. Throughout the world the intention of many countries to abandon the use of nuclear power or load it with ever greater safety regulation and cost is unnecessary, and even dangerous to the future of mankind. Evidently there should be a complete change of approach by the United Nations towards radiological safety.

2 July 2013 WhyFearofRadiationisWrong (1.9 Mb), slides of an explanation for a general audience
19 June 2013 Medical conference Lecture slides (June 2013) (1.7 Mb), urgent need to reform radiological safety
12 May 2013 Visit Radiation and nuclear technology: Safety without science is dangerous
8 May 2013 Download article The world economy and the application of science (61 Kb)
4 May 2013 Data on risk from Internal radioactivity at Goiania and Fukushima (101 Kb)
6 April 2013 Open Radiation- Friend or Enemy£ and unedited survey of submitted views.
4 April 2013 Industrial safety compromised by ALARA regulations new Nuclear Safety info (49 Kb)
3 Jan 2013 For everybody to read, think about and decide themselves Confidence & Prosperity (109 Kb)
or A new attitude to nuclear safety (97 Kb)}.
11 Dec 2012 Nuclear Power Briefing Warsaw The Road to Public Confidence in Nuclear Energy (696 Kb)
15 Oct 2012 At Oxford Energy Society lecture (6.4 Mb) and see video below
12 Sept 2012 An educational article for all, An appreciation of Nuclear and its safety (237 Kb).
28 July 2012 On German nuclear policy (56 Kb), published in FOCUS magazin in Germany.
14 July 2012 An article refuting the conclusion of the NAIIC Report (2.4 Mb) on the causes of the Fukushima accident, also published in Japanese.
27 June 2012 Invited lecture at ANS Meeting, Chicago (3.2 Mb) "A Tragedy of Misunderstanding: there was no major radiation disaster at Fukushima"
20 Mar 2012 Public Trust in Nuclear Energy (194 Kb)
Dec 2011 Submission to UK Parliamentary Select Committee on Science and Technology
29 Aug 2011 A lecture: "Why radiation is far safer (546 Kb) than current regulations suppose"
26 Mar 2011 Article published by BBC World Service "We should stop running away from radiation"

More interviews and videos

20 Mar 2013 Interview with Nuclear Literacy Project
15 Oct 2012 At Oxford Energy Society podcast (link given above to file of slides.)
29 June 2012 Interview in Chicago at American Nuclear Society Meeting video
8 Nov 2011 Lecture at NW Nuclear Institute, Manchester video
4 Oct 2011 Interview in Tokyo with Ikeda (Japanese subtitles) video
3 Oct 2011 Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan and also at American Chamber Commerce Japan videos incl. Q&A, slides
3 May 2011 Lecture, Cardiff Science Cafe video

Editions of the book Radiation and Reason

23 Oct 2009 English edition Book Information (94 Kb) -- select CONTENTS tab to download sample chapters.
Free downloads of post Fukushima Preface (79 Kb) and Conclusions and Fukushima Epilogue (96 Kb)
29 July 2011 Japanese edition ££££££££££100££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££«£££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££®£
also Kindle and ePub English language editions
February 2013 Chinese edition £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££»££

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