Tally of ratings given by Amazon readers: 5-star (26), 4-star (6), 3-star (4), 2-star (1), 1-star (8) for English and Japanese editions recorded on UK, US, French and Japanese Amazon websites.

Early reviews and comments

"I very much agree with the conclusions of this book, and am very pleased to see them presented in a style that makes them accessible to the general reader." - Sir Eric Ash, FRS

"If Professor Allison´s well-documented arguments are right – and if people can be persuaded to examine them! – his book gives us a little more hope of confronting the problems posed by both dwindling fossil fuel reserves and the release of their waste products into the atmosphere." - Michael Frayn, playwright and author

5-star “At last! The Real Story, in Understandable Words" - Theodore Rockwell on Amazon.uk, Dec 2009

“Sensational.” - Simon Jenkins, The Guardian 8 Jan 2010

“This is an important and useful book. Wade Allison's message is simple - we've got it wrong about nuclear power. We've over-reacted to the level of risk posed by low level radiation exposure, and because of that we make nuclear power ridiculously expensive. The arguments are very powerful.” - Brian Clegg, Popular Science website, Jan 2010

“This book should provoke a healthy debate among radiation experts. Physicists and physicians interested in the interplay between science and society will also find in Radiation and Reason timely food for thought at a moment when some European countries are revising their energy policies..” - CERN Courier, April 2010

"This is a timely and well-written but controversial book." - Nuclear Future, May/June 2010

5-star “Excellent livre - très pédagogique" - Grisely (Paris) on Amazon.fr, July 2010

“Even if you disagree with where Allison takes his arguments, a large part of the book is a good accessible review of the science of radiation and its biological effects. This in itself makes it a potentially valuable read for activists interested in nuclear and environmental issues.” - Peace News, July/August 2010

"Why I'm becoming a pro-nuke nut..... I'd like to urge readers to check out two even more provocative analysts of the risks of nuclear energy..... The other scholar challenging my nuclear views is Wade Allison.... I do think that these and similar views should be included in the conversation we're having about how to solve our energy problems. These are desperate times, and we must consider all alternatives available to us—including nuclear energy, which just a few months ago I fervently opposed.” - John Horgan, Scientific American 23 August 2010

5-star "A shaft of sunlight" - P C Adams (Wales) on Amazon.co.uk, Nov 2010

5-star "The most comprehensible book for those who are really interested in learning, without prejudice, the truth about ionizing radiation and human health" - Otto on Amazon.com, Dec 2010

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